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6 Months Premium Membership

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Renewal: $75.00 Every 6 months

6 months Premium Membership here at IBSkin allows you to download all "PREMIUM" skins released here at IBSkin by Evanescence only, prior to and during your membership term, with copyright remaining in tact. You may NOT remove the copyright.Your premium membership does NOT cover the cost of add-ons such as copyright
removal, button translations, installation, etc. You must purchase
these items separately from our skin shop.

This is a membership subscription. This means once you purchase this premium membership package, you will be automatically charged this same price every 6 months by PayPal. If you wish you cancel these future renewal payments, please visit your PayPal settings HERE to cancel any future automatic renewal payments to IBSkin for this membership. If this automatic payment goes through and we have already received payment, you can not open a PayPal dispute or charge back. If you file a PayPal dispute or charge back, you will be permanently banned from IBSkin.

You can read more details and instructions on how to cancel future subscription payments HERE.