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Also applies to logo text changes and skin installations

You must order your custom IPB 4.0 theme now, before the release of IPB 4.0 RC1 (or first officially supported version) to insure having it completed quickly. Once IPB 4.0 RC1 is released, I will stop all custom theme orders until after I have a dozen or more pre-made themes in the theme shop. Please get your custom theme orders in ASAP if you want your custom theme right away after RC1 is released otherwise, you may be waiting weeks, possibly months to order any custom work.

See THIS POST about our current RARE custom theme design sale before it ends.

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Magistral 3.1

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The Magistral Skin is a very smooth design with several shades of blue and yellow. It contains MANY customizations, however, it maintains a certain level of simplicity so it can be easily used in any kind of online environment. This skin is great for anyone who has a community with a LOT of links in their top navigation bar too!

This skin pack includes: (in the base price)
  • IPB and all its add-on applications skinned fully.
  • Matching alternate icon pack for board index categories so you can change it up if you like.
  • Matching default avatar for members with no avatar selected PLUS the .psd for the matching avatar frame to make your own!
  • Matching team icon .psd file for your user groups.
  • Logo.psd for easy customization of your forum logo.
  • ALL needed fonts for easy customization with your PSD files.
We have included 2 different css driven, matching website templates in this skin pack as an optional add-on for a small additional fee.

[url="""] size="5">Click here for full screen shot<>[/url]

You can also preview this skin live on our forums!