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Also applies to logo text changes and skin installations

You must order your custom IPB 4.0 theme now, before the release of IPB 4.0 RC1 (or first officially supported version) to insure having it completed quickly. Once IPB 4.0 RC1 is released, I will stop all custom theme orders until after I have a dozen or more pre-made themes in the theme shop. Please get your custom theme orders in ASAP if you want your custom theme right away after RC1 is released otherwise, you may be waiting weeks, possibly months to order any custom work.

See THIS POST about our current RARE custom theme design sale before it ends.

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Premium Custom Logo Design

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Let us come up with an amazing custom logo design for you, or we will try to make your custom logo to your specifications.
This logo option includes all PSD's and fonts used in the logo creation and no more than 3 change requests. Additional change requests will cost $10 each.
Please provide as much detail about your design request as possible. Make sure to let us know what background you want your logo on.
Animation is not available with this design.

After your purchase, please see your client area purchase area for instructions on submitting your design details to us.
Please make sure to allow at least 1 to 3 weeks for custom logo design requests.

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* * * * * by d2dyno Aug 25 2013 12:40 PM

I purchased this package, so I could replace my old (low-quality) logo, with one that I could own the source for. It was well worth the extra money to get the PSD file, as it helps me put the logo wherever, and however I want it. The logo itself came out very professional, high quality, and simply, beautiful.

Will be dong business again, and referring any one looking for a logo :)