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Having team icons for each skin

Posted by tAPir , in How to 15 October 2011 · 492 views

Thanks to Kessler over at Invision for suggesting the correct syntax to use.

If you want to use different team icons for each skin you need to first:

make a folder called team_icons under public/style_images/nameofskin.

Second: Put your images in that folder.

Third: Go to your ACP> Members> Manage Member Groups> Edit Group

Fourth: For the Group Icon Image put

Fifth: Do that for each group you have an image for.

this isn't working for me . the icons aren't showing
Sorry Jo I didn't get a notification on this. Send me a PM with ACP access and I'll have a look for you.
thanks, I followed this last night and got it working perfectly. just follow what it says above, make sure though that you are consistent with the naming of your team icons, always call each one the same thing for each skin, so say new member icon would always be named new.png throughout the skins and always make sure you save them as PNG oh and don't forget to replace the that bit in the above code /name of image.PNG to the correct name of your team icon for that member group. works a treat

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