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#16762 IBSkin 3.4.4 Skin Upgrade Schedule

Posted by Sherri on 27 November 2012 - 08:25 PM

Green (upgraded) means it's been upgraded here on IBSkin and is undergoing testing.

Red (released) means it's been released to customers and will be in your Client Area.

A name in BOLD means it's being currently worked on.


3.4.4 Upgrade Schedule:


Aplitex Earth 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)
Blue Pro 3.4.4  (upgraded) (exported) (released)

Call Of Duty 3.4.4  (upgraded) (exported) (released)

Cambridge 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

Celtic Rose 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

----------------------------------------> Releasing 5 skin upgrades
Christmas Noel 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

DigiPink 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

Earthbound 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

Evave 3.4.4  (upgraded) (exported) (released)

Euphoria 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

----------------------------------------> Releasing 5 skin upgrades

GamerKinex Blue 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

GamerKinex Green 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

GamerKinex Pink 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

GamerKinex Purple 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

GamerKinex Red 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

----------------------------------------> Releasing 5 skin upgrades

Genesis 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

Happy Easter 3.4.2  (needs rewriting by Sherri)
Happy Halloween 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

Here Comes Santa 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

Infusion 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

IP.Tech 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

----------------------------------------> Releasing 5 skin upgrades

Love Letter 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

Majestic Christmas 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

New Year 2014 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

Pink Scraps 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

Platinum Winter 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

----------------------------------------> Releasing 5 skin upgrades

Pro Blue 3.4.1 (needs rewriting by Sherri)
Pumpkin Patch 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

pure 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

Red Pro 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

Revolution 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

Royal Christmas 3.4.1 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

----------------------------------------> Releasing 5 skin upgrades

Serenity 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

Steel Glass 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

Total Ecstasy 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

Tropical Breeze 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

Vitality 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

----------------------------------------> Releasing 5 skin upgrades

White Christmas 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

World of Warcraft Classic 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

World of Warcraft Ultimate 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

Xbox360 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

Xeriteq 3.4.4 (upgraded) (exported) (released)

----------------------------------------> Releasing 5 skin upgrades


Pro Blue and Happy Easter  (Both skins need a COMPLETE OVERHAUL from start to finish, so these skins will be done last. There are far too many errors to just "upgrade" these skins. -Sherri)

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#15816 Upgrade Fees and Discontinued Skins explained

Posted by Sherri on 23 July 2012 - 06:10 PM

Skins released here at IBSkin do NOT just get discontinued unless there is good reason. The Aplitex series of skins HAD to be discontinued because IPS designed the IPB 3.x series skins with the right hand side bar. Because of this, there is no room and no need for Aplitex's left hand side bar, not to mention the fact that there is absolutely no room at all to ad the left hand side bar in to any skin as long as the right side bar is there. So this was why we had no choice but to discontinue it. The Aplitex series skins were my absolute BEST sellers of all time, so I was not very happy at all about having to discontinue them. It was not our fault for this at all. I'm truly sorry.

Any other skin that was discontinued was either due to the fact that it did not sell at all OR I only sold 2 or 3 copies which made the skin a total waste of my time to work with. In the 9 years we have been in business, I can honestly say that I have only discontinued 5 skins out of 120 total from IPB 1.3 all the way through to IPB 3.3.4. 3 of those were Aplitex series skins and one other, I never sold a single copy of so it was never upgraded. Another one of those could not be upgraded because of how much IPB changed with the next version so the features that made the skin sell could no longer be implemented, therefor I had no choice but to discontinue it.

Please understand that I do the best I can to stay on top of upgrades and I do the best I can to keep from having to charge upgrade fees whenever possible. But what I need you all to realize is that I can NOT work for free. Lately, IPS has had soooo many upgrades to the IPB software that I have had to spend MONTHS of working for free to do upgrades and before I even get those upgrades done, they release another upgrade. During all this time, I have had my internet shut off SEVERAL times, making it impossible to work because I give free or cheap upgrades and lately, since IPB 3.2, we have had nothing but upgrade after upgrade. I must either charge for upgrades OR I must go out of business completely and then you wont be able to ever get any of your skins upgraded at all. So please understand I have chosen the lesser of evils. Anyone that has purchased a skin for IPB 3.1 or earlier MUST re-purchase the skin at full price to receive the upgraded version because for IPB 3.2 I had to COMPLETELY re-write ALL skins from the ground up since so much of IPB changed, it would have taken far far far far longer to upgrade them than to re-write them. Either way, it was only fair that I charge for my time and work I had to put in to them.

I realize everyone gets frustrated at having to keep paying upgrade fees for skins, which is why I give free upgrades whenever possible (when IPS doesn't throw too many changes in the upgrades) But to be honest, if you can afford to renew your IPB license every 6 months to maintain your upgrades for the software, it is only fair that you expect to have to do the same thing with the skins AND the 3rd party mods as well. Programmers work just as hard as the skinners, and in some cases, even harder and many of them require you to renew your purchase every few months. At least I only do it when necessary. My skin prices are FAR TOO CHEAP to begin with. I average out making about $1.50 per hour when the week is done with all the work I do and the hours I put in here on the site and the amount of money I make on these skins, so PLEASE keep that in mind before you get upset with me for charging for upgrades. I really wish I didn't have to do that.
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#17346 Coming Soon!

Posted by Sherri on 01 February 2013 - 09:41 AM

Now that we are almost caught up on work, we only have a few upgrades left to do and I only have 1 custom skin left to finish up,

I will be releasing a new skin very soon. "Revolution". I'll keep you guys posted, but for now, here's a sneak peak....


Revolution-Coming-Soon.png   whisper.png



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#17020 Merry Christmas!

Posted by Sherri on 25 December 2012 - 07:29 AM

:xmastree: MERRY CHRIS  T  MAS EVERYONE!!  :xmas:


From all of us here at IBSkin, we want to wish you all a very happy and blessed Christmas!

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#14234 News re Evanescence

Posted by Sherri on 25 May 2011 - 10:07 AM

Good Morning everyone.
I am back, and doing good. My head recovered faster the rest of me I guess. I have had no feeling in my wrists and hands for the past week or so. Seems they were sprang pretty bad in the fall. Sad thing is, my husband had to leave to go offshore to work, so my daughter was stuck taking care of me. I've about had all the roman noodles one person can stand in a lifetime. LOL I've GOT to teach her how to cook more. I've got so much to read and so much to reply to, so I'll post more later. :)
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#18142 Xpaider Skin for IPB 3.4.6 is up next...

Posted by Sherri on 05 April 2014 - 04:57 PM

The all new "Xpaider" skin for IPB 3.4.6 is next to be released over the next week or two.

This is an all new, never before seen, skin design targeted to those with an appreciation

for abstract design with a sleek, elegant, yet contemporary feel. Keep an eye out on the

IBSkin forums and on our twitter and facebook pages for progress updates.




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#18140 Seascape Sneek Peek! - Preview the all new "Seascape" skin for IPB 3.4.6

Posted by Sherri on 03 April 2014 - 11:50 PM

The "Seascape" skin is now up for live preview here on the IBSkin forums.

Please keep in mind that it is not yet complete. We have a few minor adjustments and tweaks still to be done and it's now going into testing phase.

Once it has been fully audited, we will get it packaged up and released in the premium member download area and the IBSkin Shop.

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#18125 2 All New Skins In The Works!

Posted by Sherri on 26 March 2014 - 08:21 AM

We've got 2 all new skins in the works! Seascape & Xpaider.

I'm really excited about getting these released. It's been quite a while since we've seen some new designs around here.

I'm currently working on these in my spare time while I get some custom work done for a couple of clients.



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#17707 IBSkin 3.4.5 Skin Upgrade Schedule

Posted by tAPir on 30 May 2013 - 10:18 AM

Green (upgraded) means it's been upgraded here on IBSkin and is undergoing testing.

Red (released) means it's been released to customers and will be in your Client Area.

A name in BOLD means it's being currently worked on.


3.4.5 and associated apps Upgrade Schedule:


Aplitex Earth 3.4.5 (upgraded)
Blue Pro 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Call Of Duty 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Cambridge 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Celtic Rose 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Christmas Noel 3.4.5 (upgraded)

DigiPink 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Earthbound 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Euphoria 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Evave 3.4.5 (upgraded)

GamerKinex Blue 3.4.5 (upgraded)

GamerKinex Green 3.4.5 (upgraded)

GamerKinex Pink 3.4.5 (upgraded)

GamerKinex Purple 3.4.5 (upgraded)

GamerKinex Red 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Genesis 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Happy Halloween 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Here Comes Santa 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Infusion 3.4.5 (upgraded)

IP.Tech 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Love Letter 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Majestic Christmas 3.4.5 (upgraded)

New Year 2014 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Pink Scraps 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Platinum Winter 3.4.5 (upgraded)
Pumpkin Patch 3.4.5 (upgraded)

pure 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Red Pro 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Revolution 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Revolution Red 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Royal Christmas 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Serenity 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Steel Glass 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Total Ecstasy 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Tropical Breeze 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Vitality 3.4.5 (upgraded)

White Christmas 3.4.5 (upgraded)

World of Warcraft Classic 3.4.5 (upgraded)

World of Warcraft Ultimate 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Xbox360 3.4.5 (upgraded)

Xeriteq 3.4.5 (upgraded)


Skins being produced/worked on at the moment will be added to the list as they are available.

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#17577 IBSkin 3.4.4 Skin Upgrade Schedule

Posted by tAPir on 17 April 2013 - 04:02 PM

We are currently working on IPB 3.4.4 upgrades.

The upgrade list will be updated constantly as we work to get all skins upgraded to 3.4.4

(including all the holiday skins)

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#17023 Merry Christmas!

Posted by Sherri on 25 December 2012 - 12:56 PM

The presents are all wrapped and ready for daddy to get home on Thursday so we can celebrate together. I hope Thursday comes really really fast. LOL



Attached Thumbnails

  • Christmas2012-0001.jpg
  • Christmas2012-0002.jpg
  • Christmas2012-0003.jpg
  • Christmas2012-0004.jpg
  • Christmas2012-0005.jpg
  • Christmas2012-0006.jpg

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#16509 Support changes headed our way...

Posted by Sherri on 09 October 2012 - 09:49 AM

I am going down the list of support tickets this morning one at a time and answering each one.
I am noticing a LOT of these tickets are from those of you that want to change some aspect of the skin so that it can better suit the needs of your site. I want you all to know that I have absolutely no problems with this at all. I want to make sure that all of you are happy with your skin and that it works the way you need it to work, however, with that being said, I need to make it clear that if you are not reporting a bug, issue or error in the skin that effects the intended function of the skin and IPB software itself, then this will be considered CUSTOM SKIN EDITS and this is not a free service that we provide. We must charge for changes made to the skin that are not done to fix an error, bug or issue that effects the function of the skin or the IPB software.

I have noticed that tAPir and myself have spent 75% of our time these past 2 months doing nothing but custom edits to skins that are not bugs, issues or errors and it is for this reason that support tickets are getting backed up and our required work here on the site is not getting done and he and I both have worked 14 to 16 hour days non-stop for weeks on end without so much as a day off away from our computers because of this and spending all our time on custom edits to these skins and your websites for free is not generating any revenue and if this continues, it will run IBSkin out of business and I can not allow this to happen. If one of us does need a day off for any reason and we decide to take it, as soon as we get back, it is a total disaster with 50+ PMs and twice as many support tickets and an endless amount of emails from people that want everything done "right now" or "yesterday" or claim that they are unhappy with our support because we didn't answer back to them immediately after they contacted us. So I'm sure you can all understand our frustrations.

We aim very high and try extremely hard to make sure each customer is satisfied with our products and our customer service and I think we all can agree that over the past couple of years, our products AND our customer service has improved 500% from what it use to be years ago when I had to manage this site alone with only a couple of moderators to help out with peer to peer support on the forums and all orders had to be filled manually by email and sometimes it took 2 days to receive your products. Not only have we improved with our products and services, but we have managed to improve the turn-around time on skin upgrades, increase the amount of skins we offer and all of this with IPS releasing non-stop upgrades over the past two years and let's not forget that we are skinning for FAR MORE apps and mods than we ever use to. So one skin takes several days to design just right to work with all the IPS apps available today that we didn't have back then. Yes, we have come a LOOOOONG way since then and we are very proud of the work we have accomplished and we thank all of you that have helped us come so far. But we must initiate a better system for support and custom work orders as any good company would do as they grow.

After I am done working on support tickets this morning, I will spend the afternoon working with tAPir to come up with a new system for "CUSTOM SUPPORT" that will work for everyone involved. In addition, I have also decided to lower our skin prices back down to $20 per skin to show my loyalty to all of you and to help compensate for the added cost many of you will have for these custom skin edits after your initial purchase of the skin itself. I am going to do the best I can to be fair to everyone. I want to apologize to all of you for not having made these changes sooner. If I had, we would not have reached the point we are at today with total frustration and customers expecting immediate and free service on custom skin edits. I have only myself to blame for this and no one else.

I will also be reimplementing our phone support once again as well. Hopefully, this will not get out of hand again because I really enjoy working one on one with people directly on the phone and chatting with you during the support process. I like getting to know all of you as people and not just as customers.

Once we have all of this ironed out and organized today, I will insure it is posted here on the forums for everyone to be able to see and notice before making a purchase. I will also send out a newsletter to announce these changes and a few other changes not yet mentioned so that everyone is informed. :)

I hope you all have a blessed day, and we thank you kindly for all your patience and understanding.
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#16493 This week's surprise daily deal is...

Posted by Sherri on 08 October 2012 - 09:58 AM

This week's surprise daily deal is...

Happy Halloween 3.3.4 for only $16.00

Hurry! This deal will only last for 24 hours

and then the price goes back up to $22.00!

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#18129 Nowhere on this Earth are "collectible skins !

Posted by tAPir on 01 April 2014 - 05:00 AM

I've referred this to Sherri but in the meantime:





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#18127 2 All New Skins In The Works!

Posted by Sherri on 26 March 2014 - 09:17 AM

Thank you so much Dana! :thanks: That one is my favorite one too. The colors are so easy on the eyes.



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Posted by Sherri on 24 January 2014 - 01:38 PM

Save 25% on EVERYTHING in the IBSkin Shop for 3 days only!
ALL Premium IPB Skins, Copyright Removals, Skin Installations,
HTML Website Templates, PSD Templates, Graphics,
Premium Memberships AND even Premium Membership RENEWALS
Hurry! Sale ends Sunday night, January 26th at 11:59pm central time USA!
(Sale does not include any custom design services.)
Premium Skin Price Increase
Once this sale has ended, IBSkin will be increasing ALL our skin prices by $5.00. We will upgrade all skin prices in the skin shop on Monday, January 27th, 2014. Over the past few years, the amount of work and detail involved in creating a skin for Invision Power Board has increased dramatically. During this time, IBSkin never raised our prices. With each IPB upgrade the amount of work involved continues to increase, so we find that it is critical to the success of IBSkin that we increase our prices to insure long term success and complete satisfaction for all our customers. We appreciate all our customers and we thank you all for understanding that this is a necessary step in the growth of our company to secure our future.
Premium Membership And Price Increase
Premium memberships allow you to download EVERYTHING you see in the IBSkin shop for one low price for the duration of your premium membership. If you wish to use copyright removal on any of your skins with a premium membership, you must purchase a one time "Premium Copyright Removal" that is good for use on all your skins for the duration of your premium membership. The cost of premium memberships and premium membership renewals will increase by $15.00 starting January 27th, 2014. For all customers who purchase a premium membership subscription prior to this date of increase, you will lock in your current renewal price and will NOT be effected by this price increase as long as you maintain your renewal payments for your current running membership without cancellation. In short, purchase your premium membership now to insure you will always have it at the same low price you're paying now without any increase in price in the future for your renewal payments. Premium memberships save you a LOT of money. You get to download EVERYTHING for one low price, plus you NEVER have to pay for upgrades as long as you're a premium member.
Custom Skin Design And Price Increase
I am now taking orders for custom skin designs. The total cost for a custom skin is $400. You must pay $200 deposit at the time you submit your custom skin request. The final $200 is paid when the custom skin is completed. Custom skins do not include copyright removal. You must purchase custom copyright removal at an additional cost of $50 if you wish to have the IBSkin branding removed from your custom skin. You can purchase a custom skin in our skin shop here: http://www.ibskin.co...-custom-design/ and you can submit your full detailed custom skin request form here: http://www.ibskin.com/forums/index.php/forms/2-custom-skin-request/
Once IPB 4.0 is released later this year, the cost of custom skins will increase by $100. You will pay $250 deposit and then the remaining $250 once the skin is completed. The cost of custom copyright removal will remain the same at $50 and will not increase at that time.
If you have any questions about the information stated above, please feel free to post your questions on our forums at http://www.ibskin.co...ales-questions/ or you can also open a support ticket in your client area here: http://www.ibskin.com/forums/index.php?app=nexus&module=support&section=new
Thank you from the IBSkin Staff!


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#18029 Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sale!

Posted by Sherri on 31 December 2013 - 12:46 PM





2 Days Only!


ALL Skins Are Buy 1 Get 1 Free!

All 3 Month Premium Memberships Are Buy 1 Get 1 Free!

(That's 6 months for the price of 3)


No Coupon Needed.

After you make your purchase in the IBSkin Shop, open a support ticket to tell us your free skin choice.

Your free skin will be added to your client area downloads.


This sale ends Wednesday, January 1st at 11:59pm.

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#17831 Bogof Sale Question - Premium Skins

Posted by The Old Man on 26 August 2013 - 12:05 PM


My premium membership has expired, I missed the bogof sale recently so was glad to see it back. In the client centre there is a renew option for $80 but in the shop it's $125. I'm unsure which option to use. I normally only use the Halloween and Christmas themes so the bogof sale was attractive.

Many thanks.
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#17737 Vacation next week

Posted by Sherri on 14 June 2013 - 09:06 AM

I will be leaving for our family vacation next week.

We will be gone from Thursday June 20th through Monday June 24th. (5 days)

It's not really a vacation, but I'm going to pretend it is. LOL

We're going to see my mother in South Florida and we haven't seen her for 3 years now.

Also, as many of you already know, my biological family has found me recently, so while

I'm down there, I'll be meeting my biological mother and all 15 of my brothers and sisters

for the first time. They have planned a huge family reunion, which I'm quite nervous about.

I have prayed for this day for 39 years, and it's finally almost here. I'm still in shock.


I will have my laptop with me while I'm there so I will be able to check in on the site from time to time

and I will also have my cell phone on me and all emails go to my phone.


I will have ALL custom work completed before I leave, so no one worry about that.

In fact, I MUST have all custom work orders completed no later than Monday because

I have a LOT to do around the house on Tuesday to get ready for Trent to come home

on Wednesday, then I'll be getting us packed and ready to go on Wednesday and then

we leave early Thursday morning, so ALL my current work orders here on IBSkin WILL

be completed by Monday evening at the latest.


Any new custom skin orders that come in as of today will be estimated to be completed within the

week after I arrive home after my vacation. Right now I'm finishing up all custom skin orders that

have come in before today.

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#17412 Upgrade Fees and Discontinued Skins explained

Posted by Red_Riot on 08 February 2013 - 08:16 AM

Hi Sherri,


Maybe you don't remember me but I want to first say thanks!  Aside from creating and offering the best skins anywhere, your customer service leaves other skin sites in the dust.  People don't often think of customer service until they land in a spot where they need it.  Well, I ended up in just such a spot and you came through with flying colors...not a staff member but you personally AND the problem wasn't on your end. I had a series of strokes and lost use of my right side and most  iof my vision.  One handed and half blind I made a big mess of a skin installation and you came to my rescue..  Your prices were always so low I felt like I was taking advantage of you.  I haven't seen your new fee schedule yet but I have only known you to be fair and I will gladly be back to purchase mine from IBSkin. Thanks again.  You Rock!



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