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#1 LabRat


Posted 29 July 2012 - 06:04 PM


Ok I am all set, found my validation email etc..in that blasted Hotmail junk folder that I can't shut off.

Oh my, you are updating limited edition again! I want this sooo much! Now I know in an email I mentioned that it wasn't displaying right in IE and Safari. But I later realized that was due to it being 3.3 and you are running 3.4 on this site. (Is that also why I can't find the search box with IE?) Is there anyway you can update this for 3.4? I can't wait to use this again. Except now it is even better.

Oh and after the initial puchase, how much are upates?
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#2 Wotsit

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Posted 29 July 2012 - 06:17 PM

Are you saying that Earthbound doesn't display correctly for you? If so, can I have a screenshot please so I can take a guess what is wrong?

#3 LabRat


Posted 29 July 2012 - 07:40 PM

Actually there are a lot of spots. I am upgrading my forum tonight when I get home. So I will get you those shots as soon as I can. But that is alot of screen shots. Plus the safari is on my Ipad and I can't do print screens. So I will type that stuff out.

1. - IPcontent
Recent articles is all light blue and white- everything
Latest gallery text box is blue
Recent topics text box is blue
Navigation bar is two rows
Recent files is blue
Recent entries is blue
Search is below navigation bar

Chat has blue area around where you type

2. Every page
Logo bar is off to the left vs centered

I can get print screens of the IE9 stuff later. But I noticed that generally any change in your browser window size from 100% skews everything up.

#4 Wotsit

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Posted 29 July 2012 - 08:59 PM

OK ... Content was re-started on this site after Earthbound was released as was Chat. If you want to open a support ticket in your client area with a username and password that gives access to your ACP> Look&Feel then I can fix most of that blue stuff in Content for you.

The search is intended to be below the navigation bar and you shouldn't be able to see it if you're not logged in. If you mean the top nav being two rows then I believe that is a result of Evanescence installing a third party mod which again was installed after the skin was released.

I can't do anything about the viewing at less than 100% thing.

The logo bar (ignoring that third party mod) should go all the way across your screen(at 100%) so if it's different to that then that's the only thing I'll need a screeny of.

I have Windoze and have never been able to get Safari to work on it. :( There again I can't afford an iPad LOL so am no use there either.

#5 LabRat


Posted 29 July 2012 - 10:35 PM

I can't do anything about the viewing at less than 100% thing.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding you? You have to be able to view a skin on different browsers and different sizes. I must be misunderstanding... I do know that the problem with safari and IE skewing the logo bar at over 100% are both related.

125% IE9
Attached File  125Percent.png   136.71KB   3 downloads

IP content IE9
Attached File  1p Content.png   55.53KB   4 downloads

Ok I have Safari open on Windows and it is different than on my Ipad. On the normal screen size, but logged out, the logo bar is left, but everything else seems ok. (besides the blue). Maximided, it is fine.
Attached File  1asafari.png   709.17KB   3 downloads

But, you log in, and this is what happens on the IPcontent page. Thus explains why I kept seeing differnt results.

Attached File  1safari.png   647.49KB   3 downloads

Would you be able to fit three, 4-5 letter words and a cutout of an animal for the logo bar with this? I like the green lettering the way it is. So you would just have to dupluicate that, and cut out the animal and place it on the left next to the lettering.. Can it be done?

Oh and one more thing. Are you saying that this 3.33 skin is 100% compatible with 3.34?

#6 Wotsit

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Posted 30 July 2012 - 05:02 AM

No, I'm not saying that this skin is 100% compatible ... just that this site and my site uses it.

I can't duplicate those problems because I can't get Safari to work. I'll have to leave this one for Evanescence in case she has Safari, sorry :(

#7 Sherri

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Posted 30 July 2012 - 11:31 AM

This is not the "Limited Edition" skin or an upgrade to "Limited Edition" skin that was designed so many years ago, but "Limited Edition" was an inspiration in designing "Earthbound". This is a completely new skin with a similar header to the old "Limited Edition" skin.
Earthbound needs to be upgraded to work with IP.Content and IP.Chat and IBProArcade as well as IPB 3.3.4, so there are likely to be a few things "off" in some areas of the skin right now. Another thing to consider is that ALL skins designed here at IBSkin are for 1280 x 720 (or larger) resolution, so depending on how you are viewing the skin, it may be a little "off" in some areas, like if you are using the Ipad or another tablet type device, or viewing it from your cell phone. This would be true with most other custom skins designed by anyone unless they left all the original template code in tact or at least designed the skin to have a smaller logo as in the default IPB skin. A larger logo in the header can throw off a skin in how it is viewed on some devices.

While Earthbound is not yet upgraded to IPB 3.3.4, there are no noticeable skin issues either. The upgrade edits required for IPB 3.3.4 are not noticeable on the public side viewing, so this is not the reason for your display issues I'm afraid.

I am viewing this skin in Safari, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome and Opera and it displays perfectly for me on all browsers. I am using Windows 7 1920x1080 resolution on one computer, Windows Vista 1600x900 on another computer and Windows XP 1280x720 on another computer to confirm proper display and everything looks great in all browsers. I will need to know more about what device, what operating system and what resolution you are using to view the skin to understand more on how to fix this issue as I can not re-create it on any of my 3 computers at this time, and no one else has reported such issues since the skin was released, so I'm kinda stumped on this one, but I wont give up, don't worry. :thumbsup:

As for the custom edits you request, it sounds like you are needing a custom logo, and this can be purchased in the IBSkin Shop under the "Add-Ons" section. :thumbsup:

#8 LabRat


Posted 07 August 2012 - 04:14 AM

Sorry I was away a bit. My IPB upgrade failed miserably. And I decided to try it again this last weekend. Failed miserably a bunch more. Finally, it is all set. :)

I understand it isn't Limited Edition, just similar in a few ways. But this one is soo much better! It is so smooth and crisp. No clunky boxes like old IPB. I just have to have it! Always did love your work. Do you ever do mobile skins also? I would gladly pay extra, I see you fixed Earthbound up a bit already. :)

As for the logo, I was just wondering if all that could fit. If so, I will be getting that also, once the skin is all set

Anyways, I use Windows 7, IE9 32 bit, 1280 X1024. And set my browser window to 125% (setting in lower right corner of IE) My eyes are just getting old and I need to have IE screens zoomed a bit. I think the zoom is what is throwing the skin off. That is definately related to what affects safari. Which in turn affects Ipads also, Some sort of auto size adjustment I think.

#9 LabRat


Posted 07 August 2012 - 04:27 AM

I know someone that knows how to fix it. Want me to ask him? Although I would feel kind of odd asking. He does my present skin. I got my present skin when you stopped updating smooth society and limited edition. Then I also idled my site for a couple of years. You know that smooth society was awesome also. I liked the style even better than the limited editions.

#10 Wotsit

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Posted 07 August 2012 - 04:36 AM

I know how to fix it. Use Firefox instead of Internet Exploder. You can zoom text only:

Attached File  Capture.PNG   325.01KB   2 downloads

:) :) :)

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